When I began going to NeuroLIFE, I was out of balance–falling a lot, memory issues–forgetting a lot–unfocused and short of breath. I was also in a rehabilitation program at a different facility to help me regain balance. I believe I became this way from being a caregiver and caring for someone and not myself due to the job requirements and periods of time with no relief for over a year.

Dr. Dom gave me specific and fun things to do to help open new pathways in my brain. Helped me to wake up my brain so to say. What he had me do in movements enhanced what they were doing with me in rehab towards gaining balance. Exercises and games helped wake up my memory. His techniques with Breathing became conscious exercises and experiences. The equipment used in all three of my concerns, balance, memory and breathing, is state of the art and implemented improvement with regular visits.

I came away with homework that sped up my improvements. So to this day, I still do the homework. When I slack off, it affects my three issues the clinic restored, so I get right back to work on it.

NeuroLIFE saved me from progressing illnesses and gave me tools to utilize at home in daily life to prevent their progression. I still go back every few months to get rejuvenated!!! Thank you Dr. Dom!


I saw a difference on day one. His concussion was mid-October, and symptoms got a little better, but some other problems showed up. He has been suffering for five months. He missed five and a half weeks of school after the concussion. I saw a difference on day one, but the most significant was by day two. On day three, after we left the office, I cried because my son was back. I never thought that would happen. His life was interrupted in a big way. School was the main problem. He couldn’t remember anything the teacher would say, and as he would zone back in, he would have a horrible headache.



NeuroLIFE helped me regain ME! Post-concussion syndrome was a daily part of my life for about 6 months. All the MDs I saw for CT scans and MRIs told me there was no “problem” occuring in my brain. However, I was suffering with dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, memory and attention problems, imbalance issues, and subsequent depression. I just assumed this was my “new life” until my chiropractor referred me to NeuroLIFE.

Dr. Dominic and Ruby are the kindest and most patient souls. I went to NeuroLIFE every 2 weeks for 3 months, and after that time, I FINALLY began to feel like myself again. Dr. Dominic’s therapies, tasks, and relaxation techniques are amazing…truly rebuilding pathways in the brain. One year later, I still like to get a “boost” from NeuroLIFE. I pop in every few months for therapies tailored to my needs and I walk out feeling like a million dollars!


This place saved my life. After a 9′ fall onto the head, and a severe concussion accompanied with an inability to speak, communicate and walk I began coming for treatment. Dr. Longyear and Dr. Fetterly are brilliant. I began my “return to play/work” after one month. Ruby in the front desk is exceptional and welcomes you with a giant smile every time. They have hyperbaric chamber, gyrostim, fancy giant treatment screens, play/treatment areas, supplements, meditation room, diagnostic glasses, balance boards, laser etc. This place is equipped.


I’ve been to many, many doctors. I’ve had three surgeries on my neck this year. All of them could help, but only could help so far. I’ve suffered debilitating migraines, with severe pain in my head and neck. Coming to NeuroLIFE Institute, I’ve been able to move my head further and to concentrate better than ever before. Thank you.


NeuroLIFE is a excellent place for therapy and also brain health in recovering with a dedicated specialist. Thank you so much of my recovering through the years.

[NeuroLIFE Institute provided an] holistic approach that we didn’t find anywhere else.

They found reasons why the concussion symptoms were holding on. They take this to a whole new level in terms of how they look at the brain, and they take a more holistic approach that we just didn’t see anywhere else. [It] made it as easy as possible for my brain and my body to do the healing. Whenever someone in the family gets sick or has a traumatic accident, it really does affect the whole family. Seeing the improvements really helps the family feel more hopeful as well. I’m leaving here with a very positive attitude that I will be able to go back to the sports that I love.



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