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Who can refer me to the NeuroLIFE Institute?

You can call for an appointment or ask your current provider to refer you to the Center.

What is the GyroStim Balance Training System?

The GyroStim Balance Training System is a device developed by UltraThera Technologies. The clinic uses this device to provide patterned, programmed and precise input to the human vestibular apparatus–that portion of our inner ears that tells the brain where we are in space and time. The clinic has found the GyroStim to be an effective tool for the treatment of a variety of conditions, and as such may be included in recommended care programs for certain chiropractic applied clinical neuroscience patients.

How do I make an appointment at the NeuroLIFE Institute?

Appointments with the clinical staff at the NeuroLIFE Institute can be made by calling our office phone line (770.426.2829), emailing us or asking your doctor to refer you through those channels.

Once we receive your request or a referral, we will ask for a complete copy of your health history, including scans, lab reports, etc. To obtain this information you must contact each of the providers, clinics or hospitals where your records are kept. With your written authorization to release a copy of your records, these providers must make a copy of your information available to our staff at the NeuroLIFE Institute. After we receive this information, one of our clinical staff will review all the data and recommend whether or not we can offer you a realistic possibility of improvement in your condition. At that point you will be scheduled with one of our clinicians.

How do I know if chiropractic applied clinical neuroscience can help me?

Only a thorough interview, examination, review of prior records and a consultation regarding diagnostic impressions can answer that question. Many with problems associated with alterations in brain activity have found relief through chiropractic applied clinical neuroscience. Some of the conditions that have shown positive responses to this type of approach include:

Complex Neurological Conditions
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Movement Disorders

Vestibular Disorders

Developmental Disorders
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

If, after a thorough intake process, our clinicians do not feel that a trial course of care can offer the prospect of improvement, we will not recommend care.

I need a report from my doctor about my treatment.

We are happy to provide patients with reports that summarize their treatment, their examination findings and clinical impressions. These reports are useful for professionals involved in supporting treatments or ongoing care plans after you return home from Life University and the NeuroLIFE Institute.

These reports are not normally accepted by insurance companies for purposes of covering the costs of care.

To get a report, please send us an email.

Do you work with other chiropractic and medical doctors?

The Center’s clinical staff works with referring and consulting providers from all over the world. In many cases, ongoing care needs are best met through the primary clinical relationship individuals have where they live. Where appropriate, ongoing care recommendations are provided to the individual and/or their provider(s) for appropriate and ongoing care needs.

What will my first visit be like at the NeuroLIFE Institute?

What’s your first appointment like? Appointments generally include the following:

  1. Review of chiropractic, medical, laboratory, imaging, and other relevant clinical records.
  2. A thorough clinical interview and case history will be taken.
  3. Additional laboratory or other data and information may be requested.
  4. Where indicated, additional evaluation and testing utilizing specific applied clinical neuroscience equipment and devices.
  5. A summary review and presentation of diagnostic findings.
  6. Consultation with additional specialists where indicated.
  7. Recommendations for care and a determination as to whether the case can be accepted.
  8. If accepted, a care management plan will be mutually agreed upon and instituted.
  9. Care is normally provided as soon as possible after the initial set of steps are completed, with additional care in keeping with the agreed-upon care management plan.
  10. Progress is tracked steadily during the course of care to ensure optimal outcomes.

Many patients receive optimal benefit from the initial care provided; some require additional care. Some patients, upon examination, are excused from the center when there is little reason to believe they may enjoy any improvement in their condition.

It is common that patients end up in a five-day treatment program, but everyone’s needs are unique. For those who require extended care and reinforcement visits as they recover and improve, we have arrangements with a number of local hotels, all within several miles of the Life U campus. For information about hotels, please contact our center  at 770.426.2829 or visit our website at

How do I find Life University and the NeuroLIFE Institute?

The NeuroLIFE Institute is located on the campus of Life University at 1415 Barclay Circle, Marietta, GA. Marietta is about a 30-minute drive (non-rush hour conditions) north of the Hartsfield-Jackson International Atlanta Airport.

I need some help with a referral to a local doctor for continuing care or followup

Continuity of care is extremely important after you leave the Life University and the NeuroLIFE Institute. If you were not referred by a provider to the NeuroLIFE Institute, or if you have need of a referral to a new provider in your area, please send us an email. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with someone nearby who can help support the care you received at the NeuroLIFE Institute.

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